Youtube Channel Promotion With Guaranteed Results




We are a group of long-time social marketing professionals and also Kickstarter crowdfunding tech gurus who know inside out of Kickstarter campaign.

We have helped over thousands of crowdfunding projects for over 3 years now.

We were in mobile application development for more than 5 years and have accumulated a huge mobile user base.

We use following methods to organically promote your videos under this gig:

* email list, newsletter share your link

* iframe embedding

* web 2.0


What you will get from this gig:

1. Let your video and messages reach more live audience, NOT 200k BOTS!

2. Increase your video viewers.

3. Increase your video subscribers.

What are the results?

Promotion is not magic that we can fix the viewership and subscribers. Typically you can expect around a 4-5% conversion rate.


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